Freelance Session Musician


I would like to share my story about how I became a session musician and freelancer.

I started to find a way to sell my songs through the internet. So I went for the variety of kinds of payment services online. I found PayPal at the moment, and then I use these method to sign myself up in the freelance market place like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Maharati, and others that simply you can find searching on Google “Freelance”

These platform invest in high advertising online so it’s easy to get into one of these above mentioned when searching.

I have recorded from 2013 and continue up to actual date. It’s very fun, amazing learning experience with people and cultures from any countries. I live in Venezuela, and doing my passion for music and monetizing my skills have let me stay in my country despite of the exodus of people looking for alternative in other countries.

I am not follower of politicians

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